Google Local reviews and ratings restructured--more weight to social users is viewing these changes closely and our engineers are already noticing the changes announced by Google. This will greatly affect the way users see and use the local business information. It is clear that Google sees local business as the future (no secret that about 80% of entire US dollars are in local business space). This move is definitely good for a lot of reasons and keepcustomer research team will analyze each of the changes.

The importance of reviews and ratings is again emphasized by Google here because they adopt Zagat rating system to improve the accuracy of reviews. That is a great move. Not only does such a review system give more insight into customer opinions, but it also eliminates spam reviews and number of bogus 5 star ratings from the Internet. surveys business owners to know about word of mouth

It is interesting to throw the question out there to the business owners. What do business owners think is most valuable when it comes to marketing their business on the Internet? Google consumer surveys is an amazing tool to launch interesting surveys and know about valuable trends from Internet users. used Google Consumer Surveys to find how business owners plan to spend their money to get business from Internet--the results were fairly predictable--websites and word of mouth marketing stand out as the top areas of spending (at least that's what the business owners think).

It is interesting that more business owners in mid west region think that word of mouth is more important than everything else. Email marketing, SEO and social media and Reputation management are also important for businesses, but not a top priority it seems, and rightly so. Why you ask? The most important thing for any business is to get people to buy once they find the business online. Word of mouth and website are natural steps towards customer purchase. Customers like to read opinions about the products and services once they see the products on website (so having a website is very important).

Besides, it is easy to market word of mouth on your own website where you can publish the best reviews from your customers (It is the only place on the Internet where you are fully in control of your content). Assuming the reviews are an honest selection, people do tend to trust website reviews as much as reviews found elsewhere on the website.

As a business owner, what are you going to bet on? Word of mouth definitely seems to be safer.

What kind of a company is

That is an interesting question asked by lot of professionals since keepcustomer engineers go lengths to satisfy their customers. We sometimes find ourselves working late into the night because we are fixing our clients websites--not because we HAVE TO, but because we LIKE TO.

Despite, that our company's vision and goal has been to formulate a effective campaign for small and medium sized businesses to get more customers through Internet. Most of the services existing out there claim to do one thing or the other--but very few firms (high end firms) actually care about overall goal of the business when it comes to online marketing (for e.g. some do SEO, some do Social Media, some do reputation management, and some even promise MORE CALLS by giving another phone number--It is tough to list everything here!!)

ok, that was a long background, but simply put--one word--We are "Word of Mouth Marketing and Customer Retention company"--We want you to keep your customers (both current and potential customers). Each and everything that we do for businesses has one common goal--to keep customers coming back and continuously hear their feedback (and promote it).

Word of mouth is not really marketing, it is just customers talking about businesses, and that is all people care about and so should businesses who are serious about staying in business.

We will continue to set high standards and continue to help businesses get access to affordable and well rounded internet marketing products and services.

Word of Mouth is highly influential--customers keep it simple

Yes, customers are keeping it simple--they really like to read unbiased opinions from other customers of the business. Online word of mouth is becoming more and more powerful as seen in the above graphics. There are number of reasons for that apart from the fact that people use more and more mobile devices and computers for searching businesses. One of the most important reasons is people are going beyond their friends opinions when it comes to buying things.

A simple example of why online word of mouth is becoming more powerful
Our friends and family might not always be the people we can rely on for product and services advice. Imagine you decide to go for a vacation to Japan. I don't think many of us are lucky to have Japanese friends or people who have been to Japan. So what do you do? We rely on the Internet, we read blogs, we watch Videos, we see pictures of places in Japan and then we read reviews of hotels and locations we plan to visit in Japan. is helping businesses by harnessing the power of the Internet.

Think about it, Internet has information from people with expertise on various subjects. It is more likely that we will find better information on the Internet than we might get from our old uncle, our best friends or people who claim to know about the subject. I personally found that I started making better decisions about which restaurant to pick, which Auto Repair Shop to go to next time, and where to go nearby for a hair cut--it works wonders.

Of course word of mouth does have its limitations, but so does everything in this world. Did you know there is only 1 No.1 Top spot in search engines when people are searching for your business? But, it only takes 1 HAPPY CUSTOMER to spread the message across the Internet and get more customers? Are you willing to put more money on that 1 spot or each and every single customer?

Word of Mouth Marketing--Some do's and don'ts

Word of Mouth Marketing can be tricky and hence it is very important that every business knows what exactly can be done and what practices can literally put one out of the business. In United States, there are specific rules which are to be observed when dealing with customers and soliciting word of mouth from the customers. Are you one of the marketers mentioned in the video?